Tivat roundabout to be completed by the end of the week

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The construction of the roundabout in the Montenegrin resort town of Tivat was significantly delayed compared to the planned and contractual terms. However, the construction of this new intersection, namely the roundabout on the Adriatic Highway near the Old Town Hall in Tivat, is at the final stage and will be completed by the end of this week.

By the end of the week, as announced by the local administration, which is the investor of this object, the final laying of the so-called wear-resistant layer of asphalt on the carriageway of the intersection with a total area of ​​2770 square meters is expected, and road markings will also be applied. Meanwhile, at the moment, the installation of bechaton slabs on sidewalks with a total area of ​​750 sq.m. has been completed, as well as the installation of lighting poles and the connecting of electricity to them.

The new roundabout, according to the Tivat Municipality, will cost 306,000 euros including VAT. This amount, according to the contract signed by the local administration with the contractor - the Vukotic Trade company from Podgorica, should be reduced by almost 5% due to exceeding the deadline for the construction of the intersection, indicated in the contract as 65 days. Work on this roundabout officially began on December 16, 2019 and should have been completed no later than the beginning of March this year.

In addition, in the Tivat municipality on the Adriatic highway, two more roundabouts are under construction - in Seljanovo and in Kukulino. The construction work there is still far from complete, although the situation at the construction site in Seljanovo, where the work is carried out by Akropolis from Niksic, is much better and more dynamic than in Kukulin, where the construction is carried out by the Nikshic company Mehanizacija i programat.
Foto: Opština Tivat

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