In Montenegro, due to the danger of the spread of coronavirus, a hotline for children has been launched

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This week, a telephone hotline (SOS) for children was launched in Montenegro, which provides assistance and support to children in connection with the danger of the spread of coronavirus, as well as consults on measures to control and treat coronavirus infection COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, many children in Montenegro are hidden victims of the pandemic because they are threatened not only by the coronavirus, but also by various forms of violence at home, on the Internet and in society. For this reason, we must put children first when confronted with coronavirus,” said Osama Kogali, head of UNICEF Montenegro.

As part of the national campaign, #OstaniDoma, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Montenegro, with the support of UNICEF, enabled every child in Montenegro to receive psychological support and counseling in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Children and adolescents can call the national phone line SOS Children 116-111, from Monday to Friday from 07:00 am to 9:00 pm and get psychological support and specialist advice, as well as information about treatment or measures to fight coronavirus infection.

All calls are free and anonymous, i.e. the confidentiality of each child who has applied for help via the hotline is guaranteed. The National Children's Hotline in Montenegro is part of the SOS common children's lines established by the European Commission in most EU countries, and they all have the same phone number: 116-111.

Last year, the National Children's Line SOS 116-111 received about 700 calls from children and adolescents from different regions of Montenegro. Most often, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 called, and the problems they asked for help in most cases were related to their relationships with peers, family relationships, problems at school, sexuality and other psychosocial topics.
Foto: SOS (Nacionalna dječija SOS linija)

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