Catering establishments in Montenegro may start operating on May 15

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The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, told representatives of the tourism industry, hoteliers and businessmen that on May 4, the Government will create the preconditions for the start of work of small and medium enterprises, and also said that the authorities planned to open events for the second half of May and the organization of work of public catering and service enterprises (cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.), in accordance with epidemiological rules and procedures, the press service of the Government of Montenegro said.

“We will also open seaports and marinas on the coast of Montenegro for all ships, and I demand that from today we begin preparations for the use of these resources,” the Prime Minister said at the meeting.

Dusko Markovic also said that Montenegro did not introduce a state of emergency, since it limits not only the rights and freedoms of all residents of the country, but also the creative and entrepreneurial potential in each segment of the economy. “Montenegro differs from other Balkan countries in the fight against coronavirus infection, sanitary and epidemiological control and management,” said the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

“Thus, we will combine all our forces and knowledge to maintain tourism as our main sector of the economy. We want to keep all jobs in the tourism sector, and the state will directly help all employees in this field. Tourism is not only a separate sector of our economy, but also a powerful market tool for our economic and monetary stability. That is why we will put this sector at the forefront of our economic measures and, in the near future, we will prepare a decision on supporting and maintaining our companies and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, as well as create jobs by allocating about five million euros from the budget, ”said The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, at a meeting with representatives of the tourism industry and hoteliers.

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