The first marine aquarium in Montenegro will open in autumn

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The first marine aquarium in Montenegro, located in the city of Kotor, was supposed to open in May this year. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, employees of the Italian construction company contractor Panaqua could not come to Montenegro and carry out the necessary final work on the construction and decoration of this complex. As a consequence of this, it was decided that the opening of the first marine aquarium in Montenegro will be postponed until the fall.

The area of ​​the aquarium is about 300 square meters, and the complex itself, which will be located in the Radonicic Palace, will consist of three blocks. The first building will have three pools, each 2 x 3 meters in size, which will feature fish, marine reptiles and other organisms living off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the second building will be located seven aquariums of various sizes, the largest of which will be 5 x 2 meters in size and is intended for the largest inhabitants of the sea.

The third room will be completely given to the underwater inhabitants of the Bay of Kotor. Employees of the Institute of Marine Biology (Kotor) plan to collect here about 150 different species of local marine fauna and flora. Also, for the youngest visitors, one aquarium 1.2 meters high will be built so that children can touch the water and see, without glass, the marine life.

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