For the third day in a row in Montenegro, no new coronavirus infected were detected

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Currently, the country has not revealed new cases of infection with the coronavirus infection COVID-19, and also at the moment the country has established control over the prevalence of coronavirus and is its success.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Montenegro, 321 cases of infection with coronavirus have been identified. The list of the number of infected people in the cities of Montenegro is as follows: Podgorica - 163, Tuzi - 37, Niksic - 34, Bar - 23, Ulcinj - 22, Andrijevica - 7, Plav - 7, Budva - 7, Bijelo Pole - 6, Herceg- Novi - 6, Danilovgrad - 3, Tivat - 3, Gusinje - 3.

Currently, 199 people have recovered in the country (61% of all infected), 115 residents have been treated, 13 patients have been hospitalized, 1901 people are under medical supervision.

Montefarm sent 333 thousand protective masks, which can be bought for 51 euro cent. This is also a prerequisite for being in closed public spaces.

If everything is in order, then on May 4, hairdressers, clothing stores, fitness centers, dental clinics, museums and galleries, car services, car rental agencies, bookstores and many other small and medium-sized businesses should open in Montenegro. Cases of coronavirus COVID-19 have also been reported. Taxis will operate within the municipalities, so these cities are located in a single region.

From May 18, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, as well as numerous beaches and beach bars, should open.

Since June 1, Montenegro restored railway and maritime traffic.

Starting June 16, ferry services between Montenegro and Italy can open (Bar - Bari ferry). The cost of a ferry ticket is from 23 to 102.5 euros when traveling in the cabin and from 8 to 9.5 euros when traveling in an air seat (the place where they sit).

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