Pine embankment, promenade and parks to open in Tivat tomorrow

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28.04.2020 17:00 1618 3 0
Starting from tomorrow, the Pine embankment, parks and other public promenades will be open for public use in the Montenegrin resort town of Tivat, and the competent inspectorates and municipal police will monitor the residents' compliance with the mandatory physical distance measures (1.5 - 2 meters) and prevent such contacts between people.

At today's meeting, chaired by the head of the municipality, Sinisi Kusovac, a decision was made to create a public group to protect and save from a pandemic. The beaches and sports grounds of the city of Tivat will be closed for public use until further notice of their opening, which is a recommendation of the National Coordinating Authority (NPO).

“With the opening of these zones, the city of Tivat is slowly preparing for the implementation of the following stages of mitigation of previously taken measures to combat coronavirus. However, right now we need to be especially vigilant, both for citizens and all the institutions and services of the city that are responsible for monitoring the implementation of measures taken, ”S. Kusovac said at the meeting. On the embankment of Pina, in parks and other public places, posters will be hung with a warning about the mandatory observance of the physical distance between people and other measures.

According to the head of the Security Department of the city of Tivat, Dragan Kontic, Tivat is the only city which citizens from the very beginning showed very good discipline, namely when it came to self-isolation and the prohibition of being in public places.
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