Dzhalovicha Cave may be the most profitable tourist project in Montenegro

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 The sum of investments into the cave is 12 million euros. Dzhalovicha cave is one of the most beautiful in Europe for many people.

 According to the plan, by the end of 2019, another lucrative project in the field of tourism in Montenegro may appear on the tourist map of Europe. Studies of the cave have been going on for 25 years. People have been talking about its beauty and untapped potential for a few decades. Studio of development of feasibility studies has prepared committed solutions for the cave (including the construction of the cable way), allowing in three or four years to take the first visitors.

 About the value and beauty of the Cave "Prokleti Kanjoni" (the official name of the cave), the data speak, that it does not exist any cave formations that have not been studied yet - water canal, cave lake, where you can move easily in small rubber boats, halls of the cave is 30 meters high, stalactites and stalagmites, large and small mazes, etc.. The volume of investments would amount at 12 million euros.

 "The cave is in a ravine near Dzhalovicha near Bijelo Pole, at an altitude of 805 meters above sea level. To date, 17.5 km are investigated. The length of the tourist routes is 800 meters. They can be reached from the main road Bijelo Polje - Prijepolje - Monastery "Podvrh" to the entrance of the ravine with a length of 13 km.

 The project is extremely challenging from an environmental and financial point of view, it provides for creation of a center for the visitors, building a road from the village, "Bistrica" to the monastery "Podvrh", the construction of the ropeway leading to the entrance of the monastery, and the necessary facilities for tourist visits.

 In the development of the project was involved "Arhinginženjering" and according to a leading specialist Rifat Alihodzhicha, the tourist zone area should be around 814 m2 with 9 rooms, as well as the necessary lift from a monastery "Podvrh" to the cave. Funds, as announced by the Government, will be provided from the state budget.
According to the adviser of the Ministry of Development of Tourism Rashad Nuhodzhicha, today the development of the main project of construction of the road from the village Bistrica to the monastery "Podvrh" (5,5 km) is completed. Its estimated value amounts to almost four million euros, works are expected to start next year.

 According to the mining and speleological club "Akovo", there are 330 caves in five municipalities of Montenegro.  The longest cave is Dzhalovicha (17,500 m) and the deepest one is in Kolasin - Željezna jama (1171 m), the highest stalagmite 18 m is located in a cave Dzhalovicha, where is also the longest lake (220 m), and the largest hall (100x40 m).

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