New rules on the beaches of Montenegro: two deckchairs and an umbrella for every 16 square meters

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04.05.2020 09:00 2723 3 0
The State Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Damir Davidovic, said that currently the Montenegrin epidemiologists are making a decision about when it is possible to open state borders, thereby starting the summer tourist season in the country.

Damir Davidovic explained that on May 18 it is planned to open all public catering enterprises in Montenegro, as well as that sanitary standards and rules are being prepared that will ensure their safe operation.

“The goal of each of us is to protect the health of the inhabitants of Montenegro, and everyone is already getting used to the new standard of social distance, which will be the same until there is a vaccine for this infection,” D. Davidovic said on TV Prva.

“This will be some kind of tourism that is new for us, a kind of controlled tourism,” D. Davidovic said, explaining what this could mean. “On 16 square meters of the beach it will be allowed to place only two sun loungers and one umbrella if it is not a family of several people. Also, this rule will apply to those people who do not take sun loungers on the beach, but relax on their towels,” Damir Davidovic said. He also said that sun loungers and other beach equipment will be disinfected daily, since now everyone wants to "feel safe, while maintaining a sense of relaxation."

Regarding the opening of state borders, D. Davidovic said that now the situation with the coronavirus in Montenegro is pretty good, but to open the tourist flow it is necessary that other countries open their borders.
Foto: (Plaža Ploče)

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