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Yesterday, at a meeting chaired by the President, Milutin Simovic, the National Coordinating Body for Infectious Diseases agreed to amend the order of the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, which will ensure that the residents of the country can gradually begin to engage in sports, first individual training without contact with people, then group training and, finally, the resolution of mass sports events and competitions.

Starting from May 6, sports are allowed that can be performed by one or a pair of athletes, while the social distance between the participants must always be maintained at least two meters.

“At this stage, there is no contact between the athlete and / or other personnel, that is, fitness classes, individual training, physical exercises, etc. are possible. Training can be a maximum of 8-10 people at a time, and the number of people in the training space should not exceed 12 people, ”said the National Coordinating Authority.

The second stage, which is supposed to start on May 18, includes, in addition to the foregoing in the first stage, the resolution of indoor and outdoor sports events that can be held in groups, while noting that for more massive team sports, consider dividing the team into small groups during training as much as possible.

In the third stage, which is scheduled to begin on June 1, mass sports, tournaments and matches will be allowed, but without the presence of spectators.

Recall that all sporting events and the sports season in Montenegro stopped on March 11 this year, and after a few days, sports training was also stopped.

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