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The pearl of the speleological tourism of Montenegro - Lipska Cave, which is located in the village of Dobrsko near Cetinje and which, by the way, is the first organized object of this type in Montenegro, is slowly preparing for the upcoming tourist season.

“At a time when our activities are limited or completely discontinued, we should not forget about planning for the future, adjust our expectations and hope that tourist flows return to the path they had before the pandemic and the crisis,” said the Lipska Cave travel company .

At the moment, a new website has been created and launched, a cafe-bar is being repaired in the parking lot, and the location signs of Lipska Cave have been added and improved thanks to information boards located on regional roads. Since the end of last season, not everything has changed, some things have remained the same.

- As soon as the conditions for our work are created, excursions in the Lipska Cave, as before, will begin with a parking lot, namely a walk on an excursion train to the very entrance to the cave. After that, visitors will be able to go down to the cave, enjoying the educational history from our guides. The temperature inside the Lipska cave also remained at around 10˚C.

We hope that the restrictions currently in force in Montenegro due to the coronavirus pandemic will soon be lifted, which will positively affect the future unhindered movement of tourists both inside Montenegro and around the world, the management company Lipksa Cave reports.

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