Montenegro opened electronic enrollment in schools and kindergartens

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The Ministry of Education of Montenegro, with the assistance of the UN Office in Montenegro, in a record time prepared and launched an online platform for the electronic enrollment of children in kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, which will greatly facilitate the process of enrolling children in educational institutions, and is also fully consistent with the epidemiological situation, said the Minister of Education, Damir Shekhovich, and the coordinator of the UN resident system in Montenegro, Fiona Mekluni.

As announced, all three electronic registrations are hosted on the same online platform. Electronic registration at the elementary school starts on Monday, May 18, electronic enrollment in kindergartens begins on May 26 and electronic registration at the secondary school on June 29. All details, answers to questions and instructions for using the service, although it is extremely simple, will be available on this website, on the website of the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

“I am glad that today we can submit ready-made electronic registration to schools and kindergartens, which we talked about over the past few years, and which we managed to complete in just a few weeks. Thus, we prepared an online platform for enrolling children in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the same way as we did with the #UciDoma service: in record time,” the minister said and added: “ I appreciate the fact that it is the crisis that pulled the best out of us and encouraged us to move even bolder in the digital direction”.

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