Montenegro celebrates Independence Day!

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Today, Montenegro celebrates the 14th anniversary of the restoration of its independence, namely, the day of May 21, 2006, when a referendum was held in the country and it regained state independence.

According to official results, 419,240 citizens, or 86.5% of the total number of voters, participated in the referendum for the independence of Montenegro. Montenegro’s independence was supported by 230,661 citizens, or 55.5% of the voters, while 185,002 people. or 44.5% were in favor of maintaining a common state with Serbia.

The Parliament of Montenegro, before the vote, adopted the Law on the Referendum, which was agreed with the recommendation of the European Union, namely, for the referendum to be successful, it should be supported by 55 percent or more of voters.

The question was raised in a referendum: Do you want the Republic of Montenegro to be an independent state with full international legal subjectivity?

On March 2, the Parliament of Montenegro, at the suggestion of the President of the Republic, Filip Vujanovic, decided to hold a referendum on state and legal status on May 21, 2006. The right to vote in a referendum was given to those citizens of Montenegro who had the right to vote in accordance with the election rules in force in the country. At that time, according to RKR, 484 718 citizens of Montenegro had the right to vote in a referendum.
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