Montenegro defeated coronavirus COVID-19

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Montenegro no longer has people infected with COVID-19 coronavirus infection, the Montenegro Institute of Public Health announced. Thus, Montenegro became the first country in Europe to defeat the coronavirus COVID-19.

The last Montenegrin who was cured was a resident of the city of Gusinje. Altogether, in Montenegro, since the beginning of the pandemic, 324 cases of coronavirus infection were detected, 9 of which died.

It is also worth noting that until March 17, when the first case of coronavirus infection was confirmed, Montenegro was the last European country in which there was no virus.

“Montenegro is the first country in Europe in which there is no coronavirus infection, which is equally a success of the state, all institutions, organizations and every single person. Thanks to all of us, today our country lives and has a positive result in the fight against the invisible and unknown enemy, known throughout the world. Now we are focused on preserving and restoring our economy, the jobs and standards of our citizens, and we will successfully win this battle as well,” said Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic, at a press conference.

Dusko Markovic added that next week the Montenegrin authorities intend to open kindergartens, preschools, playrooms, cinemas and theaters. At the same time, baptisms, weddings and family celebrations will be allowed, as well as access to a limited number of spectators to view sporting events, provided that they observe protective measures. The Prime Minister also said that, in the early days of June, the opening of borders with countries that meet the relevant epidemiological criteria is expected, at the moment these are: Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania and Greece. All this will undoubtedly stimulate our tourism and the economy of Montenegro.
Foto: Facebook Vlada Crne Gore

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