Two artificial lakes to be created on the Lustica peninsula

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According to the project of the investor of the tourist resort Lustica Bay (Lustuca Bay), the company Lustica Development from Tivat, for irrigation a complex of golf courses with 18 holes that extend over more than one million square meters, as well as for watering numerous green areas in the surrounding villages and hotels, it is necessary to create an integrated system of pumps, pressure lines and pipelines. The general system of irrigation of green spaces will be built in three stages and will be located on 14 cadastral plots in the Kotor municipal districts of Radovili, Nikovici and Gosici.

Since this area on the Lustica peninsula has no natural water sources, all water for irrigation of the golf course and green spaces will come from two treatment plants - a large water treatment plant for Tivat and Kotor on Klacina and a small water treatment plant for the Lustica Bay complex, which is located on Lustica. This water must comply with current purity standards so that, being technical, it can be safely used to irrigate green spaces without harming the environment. In addition, the purified water taken from the Tivat-Kotor treatment facilities will be disinfected with ultraviolet radiation before its use for irrigation.

Also, in the east and west of the complex, for irrigation of golf courses, two small artificial lakes will be built, which will have the character of so-called compensation pools. According to the project, the complex irrigation system will pump purified water from the station to these artificial lakes through sucker rods, compensation chambers and pressure pipelines. The system is designed to irrigate all golf courses, which, during the period of maximum water consumption, is estimated at 2500 cubic meters of water per day. Thus, a maximum of 814 cubic meters of water will be consumed daily from the western artificial lake through the pumping station for irrigation of high green areas and another 557 cubic meters of water per day will come from this lake to irrigate the lower part of the landscape with natural fall. A maximum of 1,129 cubic meters of water will be pumped daily from the eastern artificial lake to irrigate vegetation in the Lustica Bay complex.

According to one of the authors of the project, Milutin Dragutinovic, after considering all the details and characteristics of this project, as well as how it will be implemented, it was concluded that the construction of irrigation systems for future golf courses in Lustica will not have a significant negative impact to the surrounding nature, flora and fauna, as well as the local cultural and historical heritage.
Foto: Luštica Bay

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