Starting from June 7th, Air Serbia resumes flights to Montenegro

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The state-owned airline of Serbia, Air Serbia, reported that it will resume flights to Montenegro from June 7.

The airline plans to operate its first flight to Montenegro, namely, to Podgorica Airport on Sunday, June 7, at 1:45 pm. The return flight from the Montenegrin capital to the capital of Serbia - Belgrade is planned to be carried out at 3:20 pm. The first flight from Belgrade to Tivat Airport should take place on the same day, at 5:00 pm, and the return flight is scheduled for 6:40 pm.

It is also worth noting that due to the coronavirus pandemic and the unfavorable epidemiological situation in Serbia, the borders of Montenegro are still closed to Serbian citizens (without a residence permit).

Until June 14, air flights from Belgrade to Podgorica and back will be operated five times a week: on Monday at 8:00 am (back at 9:35), on Wednesday at 7:15 pm (back at 8:50), Friday - at 7:15 pm (back at 8:50 pm), on Saturday - at 8:00 am (back - at 9:35), on Sunday - at 1:45 pm (back - at 3:20 pm).

Also, until June 14, flights from Belgrade to Tivat are planned four times a week: on Monday at 5:00 pm (back at 6:40 pm), on Wednesday at 10:10 am (back at 11:50), on Friday - at 10:10 am (back - at 11:50), on Sunday - at 5:00 pm (back - at 6:40 pm).

As noted by Air Serbia, by June 14 they will carry out about 70 air flights instead of the previously planned 16. In addition to Montenegrin airports, Podgorica and Tivat, the company's planes will fly from Belgrade to Vienna, London, Frankfurt and Zurich. In addition, Air Serbia will launch air flights to New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Skopje.

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