Hoteliers in Montenegro offer discounts of up to 70% on rental housing

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Reaction of hoteliers, as well as owners of various travel companies to the national campaign " Summer at home "(black. Ljetuj doma) exceeds all expectations. According to Andriy Chetkovich from Infinity Marketing Agency, which developed this campaign, hoteliers in Montenegro understand the current situation very well, the meaning of this campaign and see it as one of the solutions to how to fill at least part of their hotels with tourists this season.

- We can also note the generosity of some hoteliers in the formation of discounts, which is really exceptional and in some cases the discount on rental housing reaches 70%, - said A. Chetkovich. He also pointed out that the residents of Montenegro approve of this action and that many of them this summer will be able to visit hotels, hotels and apartments located on the coast or places in the North of the country that were on their wish list a long time ago, but they could not afford it because of the high cost of renting.

"Everyone can easily get a discount on rental housing in Montenegro - just go to the website please select one of the offered accommodation options, click on the discount coupon and fill in the contact information. After that, the user will receive a coupon with the realized discount to their email address, which they will have to apply to the place of residence at the time of booking," A. Chetkovich explained.

Infinity Marketing Agency believes that solidarity between people is very important, especially in such difficult times, and they also strive to change the minds of our citizens when it comes to ecology and conservation of the natural environment. Employees of the Agency came up with the idea of the "Summer at home" campaign during the pandemic and "quarantine" days, thinking about the consequences that the COVID-19 coronavirus will leave behind for the Montenegrin economy, and especially in its key segment - tourism.

"To the site everyone who owns, opens and prepares their residential properties for this tourist season is invited. We are happy to present their proposals Montenegrin citizens", - said A. Chetkovich.
Foto: pixabay, ilustracija

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