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The authorities of Montenegro divided the countries of the world into 3 groups and designated for each group the conditions for entry into the country by their citizens. As reported from the capital of Montenegro-Podgorica, these lists were formed not based on the principle of human citizenship, but on the situation with the development of the pandemic in a particular country. A citizen of a given country is granted permission to enter Montenegro based on his / her place of residence or residence, and not on the citizenship indicated in the passport.

The green group includes the following countries: Austria, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Georgia, Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, China, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland. Residents (not citizens) of these countries can freely cross the border of Montenegro without presenting medical documents.

The yellow group includes: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Italy. The condition for entry to Montenegro for residents of these States is the presence of a negative PCR test FOR covid-19 coronavirus infection, which is made within 48 hours.

The red group includes countries such as Serbia, North Macedonia, Russia, Spain, France, great Britain, Sweden and Portugal. Residents of these countries are not allowed to enter Montenegro yet.
Image by Сергей Баянков from Pixabay

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