In Montenegro, three more cases of coronavirus infection were detected, with a total of 177 people infected

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Yesterday, the laboratories of the Institute of public health of Montenegro (IOH) completed the analysis of 181 tests for the presence of COVID-19 coronavirus, among which three positive results were recorded. They were residents of Berane, Cetinje and Kotor, with whom epidemiological studies are currently being conducted, said the Director of the IOZ of Montenegro, Boban Mugosha.

At the moment, in Montenegro, the total number of registered cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection is 177 people, namely, two deaths and 175 active cases.

Registered cases of coronavirus infection in municipalities of Montenegro:

- Rozhae: 59
- Podgorica: 43
- Bijelo Polje: 13
- Budva: 14
- Berane: 13
- Cetinje: 6
- Plevlya: 6
- Bar: 5
- Ulcinj: 4
- Danilovgrad: 3
- Herceg Novi: 3
- Tuzi: 2
- Tivat: 2
- Kotor: 2
- Gusinje: 1
- Niksic: 1

Director of the Institute of public health of Montenegro, Boban Mugosha, said at a press conference yesterday that there is a risk of spreading coronavirus infection in the country. He warned that all residents and visitors of Montenegro should respect security measures, as well as the fact that the borders can not be closed, as this kills the tourist sector of the economy, thanks to which Montenegro lives.

"This infection is present in the country and the pandemic will continue. We must respect all the security measures that we have taken previously, and above all those that concern all of us. It is difficult to close borders and thus stifle the economy in which we live. That is why residents and visitors of Montenegro should keep a social distance, take care of hand hygiene, and wear a protective mask in places where it is prescribed. These measures will help protect us from infection and we will be able to keep it under control," - said Boban Mugosha.

Also, B. Mugosha said that the decision to open the borders of Montenegro was agreed with the decisions of the European Union.
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