Montenegro has adopted new measures to combat coronavirus infection

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Yesterday, at a meeting of the National coordinating body for infectious diseases (NCDS), chaired by head Milutin Simovic, it was decided to introduce several epidemiological measures to combat coronavirus infection throughout Montenegro and, in particular, to tighten measures in the Northern regions of the country.

1. Due to the high epidemiological risk, work in public and private institutions that provide pre-school education throughout Montenegro will be suspended.

2. The validity Of all expired temporary residence permits in Montenegro for a foreigner will be extended until September 30, 2020.

3. All catering establishments in Montenegro-restaurants, cafes, bars, hotel restaurants and similar establishments, as well as catering establishments located on the beaches of Montenegro, can work from morning to 24 hours of the night. Moreover, no more than 4 people can sit at the same table, except for members of the same family, and the minimum distance between the tables should be 2 meters.

These measures will be applied next week, after which, based on the analysis of the epidemiological situation, it will be decided whether these measures will be extended.

More stringent epidemiological measures will apply to the Northern region of Montenegro.

1. For the next 7 days, all restaurants, cafes, bars and other public catering establishments in the municipalities of Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Petnicica, Andrijevica, Rozhai, Plav and Gusinje will be suspended. After that, the impact of these measures and their possible extension will be assessed.

2. Gatherings in closed and open public places are Prohibited: public events, sports, political, cultural, artistic and private events, weddings and other events;

3. Religious communities must adapt their activities to the current epidemiological situation and conduct rites in religious buildings exclusively without the presence of citizens;

4. It is Forbidden to transport more than two adults in a taxi at the same time, except for members of the same family and persons performing regular work tasks;

5. It is Mandatory to use protective masks in closed and open public places.

In addition, given the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Serbia, the meeting decided that all persons entering Montenegro from Serbia will be sent to quarantine. Thus, persons entering Montenegro from the Republic of Serbia will not be sent home for self-isolation until further notice, but will be quarantined exclusively in institutions designated by the state for this measure.

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