Epidemiological measures against coronavirus have been strengthened in the Northern regions of Montenegro

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The national coordinating body for infectious diseases of Montenegro (NCB) decided, without holding a regular session and based on the consent of the majority of Council members, to strengthen temporary epidemic measures to control covid-19 coronavirus throughout Montenegro and, especially, in several municipalities located in the North of Montenegro.

The epidemic has been declared in several Northern municipalities of Montenegro. The constant increase in newly detected cases of coronavirus infection throughout the country, especially in the Northern and Central regions, and the fact that an increasing number of infected patients are unable to pinpoint the exact source of infection, indicates widespread local transmission of coronavirus in certain conditions. With the consent of the Ministry of health of Montenegro, an epidemic of infectious diseases was declared on the territory of the municipalities: Bijelo Polje, Berane, Petnica, Rozhae and Gusinje .

Temporary and epidemiological measures taken by NGO Montenegro:

1. Catering: restaurants, cafes, bars, hotel restaurants, cafes and beach bars and similar catering facilities, which are located the territory of the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, Cetinje and municipalities Plužine, Šavnik, žabljak, nikšić, Danilovgrad, Tuzi, Kolasin. and Moikovac can only work until 22: 00. The exception is catering establishments located in the coastal municipalities of Montenegro, which can operate until 24: 00.

2. Throughout the territory of Montenegro, any entertainment and music programs are prohibited in public catering establishments: concerts, live performances of musicians and bands, DJs and the like.

The NGO also recommends that, in addition to the mandatory wearing of protective masks indoors, every resident and guest of Montenegro should also wear a mask outdoors in situations and places where it is impossible to maintain a physical and social distance.

It was decided that after measures were taken to close public and private educational institutions for pre-school children, one of the parents / guardians / foster parents / adoptive parents of a pre-school child will be granted the right to paid leave during the term of this restriction. The exceptions are people who work in the following areas and organizations: health, Ministry of defense, national security Agency, Ministry of internal Affairs, police Department, customs Department, Tax administration, real estate Administration, state Treasury Department under the Ministry of Finance, organizations that implement programs to support the economy and employees to mitigate the negative effects of a new coronavirus epidemic, Inspection administration, food security Service, veterinary and phytosanitary Affairs, social protection and child protection institutions, the office for the enforcement of criminal sanctions, the protection and rescue service, as well as other bodies and services that the national coordinating body for infectious diseases considers necessary for the duration of these measures.

It is also reported that the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus were transferred to the "green list". This means that residents of these countries can freely visit Montenegro, without presenting medical documents.
Image by NickyPe from Pixabay

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