Railway bridge on the river Malaja is the highest one in Europe

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 Among the natural resources of Montenegro, there is no place that you would not like. In combination with the unique facilities, for which Montenegro has received a special recognition, to be here is just a pleasure.

 Today we want to introduce you a bridge on the river Malaja.
 The railroad connecting Belgrade and Bar, is a unique one in many respects, information about it can often be found in the pages of numerous international magazines, which again and again admire it. However, anyone who had an opportunity to travel on the road Belgrade - Bar across the railway bridge on the river Malaja, located 20 kilometers north from Podgorica, towards Kolasin, unanimously approve an unforgettable impression.

 Length of this facility is 498.8 meters and its height is 200 meters. For its size, the bridge is the highest railway one in Europe and fourth in the world. The construction of the bridge took four years, from 1969 to 1973. The work was intense, with a lot of obstacles.

 Bridge on the river Malaja, which hasn’t any analogue in the region, was designed by Ljubomir Yeftovicha together with the engineers: Milorad Lukovic, Milivoye Kovacevic and Milorad Markovic.

 The structure, consisting of tall columns supporting the bridge, is equal to the area of a tennis court. For the construction of the bridge over the river Malaja were used 36,000 m3 of concrete and 100,000 tons of steel! Accordingly, it can be concluded, that the steel structure weighs 25,000 tons!

 This bridge is a true witness of time, causing great admiration, and over the years has not lost its cult status!

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