Montenegro is expecting the warmest summer since 1860

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Climatologists and meteorologists predict that this summer may be the warmest on Earth since the organization of permanent measurements of air temperature began in 1860. Director Of the Institute of Hydrometeorology and seismology of Montenegro, Luka Mitrovic said that Montenegro is likely to share the fate of the planet in this issue and the country is also waiting for the warmest summer.

"According to the available forecast materials, the summer of 2020 in Montenegro will be warmer than in the last few years of 1981-2010, with the average air temperature higher by 3-5 degrees Celsius. In July and August, the air temperature will be above average, and a positive deviation from the average value may be more pronounced on land than at sea, especially in the Central and Northern parts of Montenegro, " says L. Mitrovic.

This forecast coincides with the expectations of the intergovernmental panel on climate change on Earth,namely, that by 2030, the air temperature in South-Eastern Europe will increase from 0.5 to 1.3 degrees Celsius on average. Scientists from the us National oceanic and atmospheric administration also said that, with a 75% probability, 2020 will be the warmest year ever for research and temperature measurement. They also predict an increase in the number of heat waves.

It is worth Recalling that in Montenegro in the summer of 2003, a temperature record was set, when in Podgorica for 100 days the air temperature continuously exceeded the mark of 30 degrees Celsius.

Also, Luka Mitrovic gives hope by saying that there will be cool periods of time in Montenegro in the summer, even if they are short-lived. This instability of weather, he explains, is a phenomenon that characterizes the climate of our region and is caused by the difference between the air temperature in mountainous areas and on the coast of the country. That is why unstable weather during the summer often leads to various natural disasters that can endanger the lives of people and cause great damage to their economy and economy of Montenegro.
Foto: ilutracija, pixabay

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