A modern fishing port will be built near Ulcinj

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In the coming years, Montenegro will get a modern fishing port, as a result of which Montenegrin fishermen, as well as the economy of the country, will have at their disposal a significant additional resource.

The start of construction of a fishing port in the area of Cape Sheran near the city of Ulcinj is planned this year, and the adoption of Amendments to the State study of the territory (DSL) "Rt Deran Port Milena", which is currently under public discussion, will create the necessary conditions and planned prerequisites for the implementation of this project, writes the newspaper Dnevne novine.

The Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Montenegro insisted that, as part of the amendments to the State study of the Cape Sheran area, a place for a fishing port be found. It is noted that the construction of a fishing port in Ulcinj will give a powerful impetus to the development of fishing in Montenegro.

It is worth noting that eight years ago in Montenegro, it was planned to build a fishing port in the town of Nivica, but the project was eventually abandoned.

The construction of a Marina in the Port Milena river channel, as the authors of the project say, is an extremely complex task that requires a special approach. On the one hand, there are numerous hydraulic problems, such as backfilling the entrance to the port of Milena, huge amounts of excavation to create the former appearance of the canal, as well as the problem of connecting the Port of Milena canal with the Bojana river to achieve the flow of the canal. On the other hand, now the water quality in the channel is so poor that the main question is whether it is possible to revive it at all.
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