Construction of a pedestrian bridge across the Moraca river has begun in Podgorica

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Next year, the capital of Montenegro-the city of Podgorica will receive another pedestrian bridge, which will be built across the Moraca river. The project cost is estimated at 2 million euros.

Last week, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, the mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vukovic, and the Director of the construction company, Veselin Kovacevic, laid the foundation stone of the future bridge, which will be built by the construction company Bemax. Ivan Vukovich believes that the new pedestrian bridge will be opened on the independence Day of Montenegro, namely, may 21, 2021.

According to the project, the length of the pedestrian bridge over the Moraca river will be about 125 meters, with the largest span of about 75 meters on one side. The bridge will be 6.4 meters wide with two bike paths and a pedestrian zone. The bridge will also be used to house treatment systems.

"Podgorica is changing at an incredible speed and is becoming a modern European city. Every day a new street is being repaired or completed in the city, green zones are being created and parks are being improved," - Dusko Markovic said. The Prime Minister of Montenegro also thanked the mayor and his team for everything they have done in Podgorica in recent years.

Ivan Vukovich expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and the government of Montenegro for supporting the development of the capital. He also recalled that a few weeks ago they started construction of the Boulevard at a cost of 25 million euros, announced tenders for the construction of four new pedestrian zones and a kindergarten in the Block VI area. Ivan Vukovich expressed hope that Bemax, which will build this pedestrian bridge, will complete all the work on time.

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