Another 39 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection were recorded in Montenegro

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Over the past 24 hours, 39 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection were registered in Montenegro, and one person died due to the coronavirus, the Institute of public health of Montenegro (IPH) reported.

It is reported that during the day, the laboratories Of the Institute of public health of Montenegro completed PCR analysis of 451 tests for coronavirus, among which 39 were positive.

New cases of coronavirus infection were detected in residents of Podgorica-16 people., Niksic and Berane-4, Bijelo Polje and Bar-3, Plevli-2, as well as one resident from Kotor, Rozhae, Andrijevica, Danilovgrad, Mojkovac, Ulcinj and Tuzi.

The Institute of public health of Montenegro reports that 68 patients recovered during the day and, at the moment, the total number of people who recovered since June 14 was 758 people..

Currently, the total number of active cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in Montenegro is 1990 people. In Podgorica was 847 cases of infection with coronavirus, in Niksic - 246, in Bijelo Polje - 151, and Bar 107, in Berane - 103, in Budva - 98, in Rožaje - 87, in Plevlya - 80, to 78, in Cetinje - 61, Herceg Novi 32, in Tivat - 31, Ulcinj - 20, Andrijevica - 11, Gusinje - 10, Are - 6, in žabljak, Mojkovac and Plav - 4 active cases of infection, in 3 cases in Danilovgrad and Tuzi, and 2 - in Petnica and Kolasin.

So far, the only municipality in Montenegro where no cases of COVID-19 infection have been detected is Shavnik.

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