50 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Montenegro

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Today, the Institute of public health of Montenegro has registered 50 new cases of infection with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The Deputy Director of the Institute of public health (IOH), Senad Begic, said that in the last 24 hours, 163 people in Montenegro were cured of the Covid-19 coronavirus infection.

"The laboratories of the Institute of public health have completed the analysis of 481 samples for coronavirus, among which 50 new positive cases of infection were detected.

New infected people are residents of the following municipalities: Podgorica - 23 people, Bijelo Polje-6, Ulcinj-6, Berane-3, Kotor-2, Budva-2, Pljevlja-2, Rozhae-2, Cetinje-1, Bar-1, Herceg-Novi-1, Mojkovac-1.

At the moment, starting from June 14, the total number of recovered residents of Montenegro is 1717 people. The total number of active cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Montenegro is 1322 people. Since the beginning of the year, the total number of registered cases of coronavirus infection in Montenegro is 3411 people.

Senad Begic also said that the Institute of public health and the authorities of Montenegro are currently considering opening borders with the countries of the Balkan region.

At the press conference, journalists asked questions to S. Begich: why now citizens of Russia, and not Serbia, are allowed to enter Montenegro, given that the epidemiological situation in these two countries is similar, as well as how he will comment on the statement of the Ukrainian Consul that Ukrainian citizens are not allowed to enter Montenegro.

"Ukraine will be included in the updated list of countries whose residents will be allowed to enter Montenegro, due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the world. The Institute of public health has developed a methodology similar to that of the European Commission. The proposal to include Russia in the list of countries open for entry came from the Ministry of tourism of Montenegro. As for the countries of the Balkan region, we are seriously considering steps and conditions for opening their borders as soon as possible," Senad Begic said.
Foto: bokanews.me

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