On 19 August the airline Air Serbia will resume flights to Montenegro

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On Wednesday, August 19, the national airline of Serbia, Air Serbia, will resume flights with the Montenegrin coast, with a flight from Belgrade to Tivat.

On the same day, the national airline of Serbia will make its first flight from the Serbian capital to the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. Until the end of the summer season, it is planned to perform about 296 flights from Serbia to Montenegro, according to B92.

The CEO of Air Serbia, Duncan Naismith, said that he is very happy that they have created all the conditions for the resumption of flights from Belgrade to Tivat and Podgorica.

"It is planned that by the end of the summer season, we will transport a total of about 60,000 passengers on air lines between Serbia and Montenegro," said Duncan Naismith. He also added that Air Serbia will continue to closely monitor the development of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in both countries and will constantly adjust the air service to Montenegro, taking into account possible changes in travel restrictions and people's demand.

According to the current flight schedule, Air Serbia will fly from Belgrade to Podgorica up to 15 times a week, and on the route Belgrade - Tivat, the national airline of Serbia plans to fly up to 16 times a week.

Also, on August 21, Air Serbia will resume flights between the Serbian city of NIS and the Montenegrin city of Tivat. Flights will be operated twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays, until September 20.
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