Montenegro intends to buy a passenger ship and upgrade the Bar-Bari shipping line

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Montenegro is determined to buy a passenger ship and upgrade the Bar-Bari international shipping line, which was canceled in 2016.

The acquisition of the passenger ship "RO-RO", which would follow from the Montenegrin port of Bar to the Italian port of Bari, is included in the list of priority infrastructure projects in Montenegro on sea transport. Thus, Montenegro will be able to update the Bar - Bari shipping line, which is now served by the Croatian company Jadrolinija, writes the news portal Dnevne novine.

Bar - Bari sea line

The passenger shipping line between Montenegro and Italy was opened on June 18, 1965 and since then, with the exception of the sanctions period, it has been operating regularly every year. However, four years ago, Montenegro was left without a passenger ship Sveti Stefan II, which failed to pass inspection by the French inspection and certification company Bureau Veritas and lost its class of service. In this regard, the bar - Bari shipping line was transferred to Croatia, whose company Jadrolinija still transports passengers on the route Bar-Dubrovnik-Bari.

However, as indicated in the strategy for the development of the Maritime economy for the period from 2020 to 2030, Montenegro plans to buy a new passenger ship and launch it on the Bar - Bari sea line. The purchase should be completed in 2022.

"The strategy for the development of the Maritime economy provides support related to the purchase of the RO-RO passenger ship from domestic shipowners for international sea transport and smooth regular transport of goods and passengers between Montenegro and other countries of the Balkan region. The subject activity is provided for by the action Plan adopted by the authorities of Montenegro, and its dynamics are expected to be implemented in 2022, " the strategy for the development of the Maritime economy of Montenegro explains.

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