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 Griffon vulture is an endangered and rare species of birds that can be seen in Montenegro, once in 10 years. This species was discovered by foresters from Opasanica village.

 Griffon Vulture Milo, after a two-week stay in the center for the protection and study of birds, was released on the border of Montenegro and Serbia. After recuperating in the center for the protection and study of birds with the expert Thomas Mihelič from the "Society for the Protection and watching the birds in Slovenia", A noble Griffon was installed a satellite transmitter with the ability to monitor its movements in real time. Thus, the griffon vulture is registered in ornithological history of Montenegro as the first bird whose movements will be monitored in real time.

The transmitter, which weighs only 28 grams, installed on the bird back and works on a micro solar cells. Satellite device was provided by MAVA Foundation.
Белоголовый сип Мило является вымирающим и редким видом птиц

 Birds of this species are scavengers. Griffon vulture feeds on dead animals, thereby reducing the possibility of increasing the number of bacteria or mutations that affect the spread of infection, thus helping to reduce the amount of biological waste. There are 23 species of vultures in the world. Their main common characteristic - they never hunt. This species is endangered. Life expectancy is 18 years in average, but some species live up to 50 years.

 20 years ago, griffon vulture lived in the canyon of the river Tsievna. The reason of the extinction of this species from the territory of Montenegro is likely a lack of food, due to the reduction of livestock and poisoning. In 2012 in Bratonozici village, a large number of birds, that fed on the corpses of poisoned wolves, died.

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