New ferry could get out on the line Bar-Bari-Bar since next summer

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 From the marina of Bar reported, that a passenger vessel is being selected in the North Korea now, which could get out on the line Bar - Bari – Bar next summer. The new vessel will replace the ferry Sveti Stefan II, which no longer operates cruises on this line. A team of three experts of the company with a representative from the Bureau Veritas, on Saturday morning went to South Korea for the inspection of the vessel.

 The vessel was built in 1993 in Europe, the capacity is 40-45 trucks and about 800 passengers. The length and width is approximately the same as of the Sveti Stefan II.
Vessel specifications comply with all EU standards and the SOLAS Convention, technically suited for the characteristics of the line, which is from 3 December, due to the circumstances of the impossibility of prolonging the documents suspended its work for the vessel. A new vessel needs a repair, as well as the presence of representatives from the Bureau Veritas for review underwater and mechanical parts of the ship and its safety equipment.

 Work of the line Bar - Bari - Bar is not favorable in winter, the former ferry most of the time in January spent in the dock repairing. Buying a new vessel can reduce the cost of tickets on line, which so far have been slightly higher than in Dubrovnik or Drach in Bari. The last ferry Sveti Stefan II consisted of 36 members of the crew and the same amount for shift, it means, that until a new ship is bought, 72 sailors will be out of work. Captain Vešović has been running the ship since 1992. The captain was awarded a Medal in gratitude during a rescue operation in March 2011, when from war struck Libya, ferry has evacuated more than 400 workers of 19 nationalities, including Russians.

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