Residents of Pljevlja have received the most awards in the competition "All the wonders of Montenegro"

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 On completion of the project "All the wonders of Montenegro" this year prizes and awards were awarded at the hotel "Hilton". 255 project applied to the competition.

 The jury were: Živko Andrijašević, Radoje Cerović, Rade Ljumović, Marko Petričević, Jelena Tomašević, Aleksandra Vuković, Nemanja Čavlović, Tanja Vujović, Igor Rakočević, Abaz Dizdarević and Marko Camaj.

 Most of the projects have received awards, submitted by citizens or institutions of Montenegro.

 In the "A" category of the contest dedicated to the tourist attractions, whether they are of natural origin or historical and -geographical, awards were given to: Ratko Pejović, project "The medieval town Koznik" Heritage Museum, the Pljevlja projects "Fountain of the 16th century and the carpets in the mosque of Hussein-Pasha", "Holy Trinity Monastery Library" and "The first brewery in Montenegro" (1882) and Asim Kuhinja with the project "The Legend of the creation of the mosque Hussein Pasha".

 In the category "B", devoted to the concretization of ideas of new tourist facilities, in order to increase their attractiveness were awarded to: Vaso Knežević with the project: "The observation deck on the lake Otilovitskim" and "Clarification on the bridge Dzhurdzhevicha on Tara River". And Asim Kuhinja projects: "Cultural attractions - the sanctuary of the god Mithras - Zhugich Luke" Piritor - city of magistrates Momchil".

 Category "C" was devoted to the business initiatives aiming to increase tourist attraction. The award went to the project Asim Kuhinja "Ljubišnja - legends and opportunities for tourism development."

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