Prices for electricity will vary from 1 January 2017

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 According to reports from the agency "Mina-business" from 1 January there is a change in electricity prices: for two-phase tariff price will be lowered by 4.74%, excluding the allowance for the use of renewable energy sources.

 The price of electricity in household use by one tariff account, on the basis of the documentation prepared by the Council of the Regulatory Agency for Energy (RAE) will be published on the website on Monday and should be lower by 7.61%.

 Ministry of Economic Affairs by 25 January should adopt a new decision on the renewable energy costs.
Council Regulatory Agency for Energy (RAE) on Monday took the decision to approximate revenues for energy companies. The final decision on electricity price changes from January 1, must be made no later than 16 December.

 It is expected that the extra charge for renewable energy in the coming year should be increased several times in connection with the planned increase in the number of renewable energy sources in the market. Council Regulatory Energy Agency (the RAE) decided to approximate the income of the Montenegrin Electrical and communication system (SGES), the power distribution system (CEDIS) and Montenegrin operator on the electricity market (COTEE).

 From the Council of the Regulatory Agency for Energy (RAE) reported that the Montenegrin Electrical Communication System (CGES) estimated average regulatory allowed revenue from 1 January next year before the end of 2019 will amount to 25.3 million euros. For Montenegrin operator on the electricity market (COTEE) approximate income is determined in the amount of 458,990 euros.

 Electricity provider for households and small consumers (Elektroprivreda EPCG), is obliged to publish on the website the price 15 days prior to the start of the changed tariffs, i.e. no later than 16 December. At the end of this year, i.e. 31 December ends the second period of adjustment.

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