The formation of ice can cause train derailed

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 Employees of railroad are constantly inspecting tracks to prevent the formation of ice, which can cause catastrophic consequences. We hope that it will not snow any more, and we will be able to concentrate on work on bridges and tunnels, where there is a great danger of icicles formation.

 Problems of the railway transport are due to extremely low temperatures. Yesterday, the international high-speed train on a regular route Belgrade - Bar was in the city of Bijelo Polje with a delay of almost three and a half hours. Railways spokeswoman Vesna Vucinic said that the situation in comparison with the previous days was changing for the better, but to predict the further development was not possible.

It's quite difficult to maintain the regularity of movement at low temperature. There is a staff of the special readiness that every two hours monitor the situation on the tracks - measures the temperature, the amount of snow cover, as well as whether there are snow drifts.

 Members of the staff also focused on the work on bridges and tunnels, which is now the biggest problem, because due to the high humidity, icicles formed there. Information of some media that the passengers who were in the fast train to Belgrade spent several hours in cold cars has not been confirmed. This situation is unacceptable, because when it comes to stopping the train, it is usually done in a place where there is a regular supply of electricity.

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