The situation on the roads and weather forecast for the week

Way to Montenegro
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 According to the meteorologist of Montenegro, the weather will be mostly cloudy with a little snow, with rain on the coast and in the southern parts. In some areas, precipitation is expected in the form of snow and sleet. Wind is from moderate to strong, very strong on the coast in the east and northeast. The air temperature during the day is from 6 below zero to 9° C above zero.

 Synoptic situation: The Adriatic Sea is affected by the cyclone with the center over the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are small landslides, drivers must drive with caution and only on winter tires that is legally obligatory for all vehicles. During the snowfall, the movement of trucks with trailers and trucks through the mountain passes are prohibited, according to the road signs. All approaching roads to winter tourism centers are available.

 In the following days, in areas where work is underway, the movement will not be suspended. On the main road M2-3 Cetinje - Budva, site Brajići - Lapčići and Ugnji - third line Obzovica, single-line traffic remains consistently at traffic lights because of works being done on the road. At the regional path R-1 on the area Cetinje - Njeguši, due to the ongoing blasting, only single-line movement is allowed. Due to the reconstruction of the main ways M-2.3, on the site Podgorica - Cetinje, in the tunnel Mekavac movement is permitted only single-line.

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