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 According to the head of the municipality of Danilovgrad Branislav Dzhuranovicha, recently in the city more than 2,500 new jobs have been opened, and the unemployment rate is below the national average one.
 Everything that had been planned, the city fulfilled, maybe even more. According to him, construction of the avenue is planned, which will connect Danilovgrad and Podgorica in the near future.
 Municipality allocates most of the funds to basic infrastructure, such as roads, water supply and electricity system.


 With regard to the state of the roads, then in 2016 with a new layer of asphalt was covered about 20 000 m2 of roads. More than 750 tons of asphalt for road rehabilitation was used. This investment amounted to about 150,000 euros. The new road section Siga Luka is completed, cost about 80,000 euros, as well as work is continuing on the road to Ljutotuk Bjelova Kruščica Stankovići. Drafts of ways Spuž and Pažići are prepared. The project is a parallel road from the railway crossing Sekulići to the existing railway crossing Ždrebaonik, is in development.

Construction of a new avenue, which connects Danilovgrad and Podgorica

 At the moment we are preparing the draft of reconstruction of the main road from Danilovgrad to Podgorica that in the near future will be connected by the avenue. Also, there is a development project of reconstruction of the old road from KPD to Vranjske njiva, as well as roads Brestice Pričelje.
Water supply system
 Much attention in the course of the year was given to the reconstruction of the existing water supply system. Significant improvement in water supply occurred in Vražegrmci, Velje brdo, Kopito Petrovića, Glavici, Grlić, Luki and other places of the city.
 Significant funds have been invested in the power system. It was carried out work on the high-voltage and low-voltage networks. Low-voltage network in most parts of the city was reconstructed. About 300 concrete piers and 12 km self-supporting cable were installed.

Improvement of the city

 According to the head of the municipality, there is an active development of the city infrastructure, completed repair works on the right bank of the Zeta River, worth 359,000 euros, two town squares have been reconstructed, a new parking lot is built near the bus station.
 Also the works on reconstruction of the first floor of Cultural Center were held, worth 220,000 euros, restored monument in Lazine, the amount of investments was EUR 30,000, a center for children with special needs was built (190,000 euros), fully prepared and equipped space for urban facilities (63,000 euros ).

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