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 Regarding the opening of the first-largest Aqua Park in Montenegro, the organizers decided to award visitors with prizes and presents. The first and the hundredth visitor of Budva Aqua Park will get free tickets, the first fifty visitors will get 50% discount. All who decide to spend this day with relatives and friends will get additional discounts.

Family discounts:
- for a family of four 3+1 (one ticket is free);
 - for a family with three children and more, one admission ticket is free for one parent.

If you want to spend time in Aqua Park with your friends, you also have discounts 3+1 (one ticket is free!).

Soon Aqua Park Budva will announce the exact date for all water slides and amusements opening. Follow news on our Website or Application and be the first to know. Today just a small part of Aqua Park is open, that is why ticket costs 10 Euros (instead of 20).

Let us remind you, that the total area of Budva Aqua Park is  41800м2 and the complex includes:
water slides of diverse complexity, swimming pools, more that 50 amusements for children, big restaurant, cafe for kids, shop, parking and many other.

Prices to visit Aqua Park:
- ticket for adult (visitors above 130cm) for all day (from 10a.m. till 7p.m.) 20 Euros, for four hours - 16 Euros;
- ticket for a child (height from 100cm till 130cm) for all day - 15 Euros, for four hours - 12 Euros.

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