Podgorica turns into the city of "concrete"

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The population of the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica is growing every year. This is confirmed by the data of Monstat, according to which, for the period from January to April, 855 people moved to the city, and at the same time 301 people left. Among the many buildings and cars, not so easy to find green areas, particularly in new districts.

 If you pay a little more attention to the buildings that were built in Podgorica 30-40 years ago, you will see a clear difference. Planted trees, benches, parking, which is not directly under the bedroom window... Today, unfortunately, we see this less and less...

 Quick rhythm time came into life ling ago. There are people choosing location near the shopping center, the presence of a large park, no one thinks about green areas now.
One of the main streets in the city center, Hercegovačka ulica, had been planted with linden trees once that were cut down 15 years ago. However, last year the decision was made to plant plane trees in the streets. Thus, this part of the city got a "green touch." 

 Earlier Podgorica was considered one of the greenest cities, in the parks of which you can always relax during the day. These parks are still there, but in relation to the expansion of the city, new parks are not built. In addition to the above mentioned, the green areas in the city help to reduce the noise level, it is only necessary to organize their distribution right.

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