Diesel in Montenegro is one of the cheapest in the region

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 A liter of Eurodiesel in Montenegro costs EUR 1.16. However, Montenegro is the only country in which prices of petroleum products is much higher compared to the same period last year.

 Rising fuel prices in Montenegro is directly related to the increase in excise duty by 9 cents per liter, as well as the surge of oil prices per barrel on the world market.
In Albania, a liter of diesel costs 1.27 euros, 1.21 euros in Croatia, in Serbia - 1.20 euros and 1.19 euros in Slovenia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, diesel is slightly cheaper than in Montenegro, but the absolute leader for the lowest prices for this fuel is Macedonia. There diesel costs only 87 cents.

 The situation is similar in Europe.
 In Norway, there is the most expensive gasoline, a liter of fuel costs 1.70 euros. This is followed by Iceland - 1.64 euros, Italy - 1,41 euro and Liechtenstein (1.40 euro per liter). Today, the cheapest gasoline is in Russia, costing 57 cents. The price of diesel fuel in Europe is less than € 1 (except Russia and Macedonia), as well as in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

 Fuel prices in Montenegro will not change in the next two weeks.
The cost of a liter of Eurosuper 95 and 98 over the next two weeks will be 1.29 euros and 1.33 euros correspondingly. A liter of Eurodiesel will cost 1.16 euros.
In accordance with the Regulation on the maximum retail prices of petroleum products, the following calculation will be performed on 6 February, 2017, and the new prices will take effect from 7 February, 2017.

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