A new kind of pearl mussel has been discovered in Montenegro

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 Scientists have discovered new species of marine organisms that are not typical to the Adriatic in the waters of Tivat Bay and marina of Porto Montenegro. These organisms are often found in ballast water of ships and marine equipment, yachts and other vessels around the world.

 "In the maritime zone the presence of several new species is indicated. These species may originate from Indian and Atlantic oceans, or any other part of the world which may have got into the waters of Tivat Bay by sea. Among the recorded species there are mollusks of Melibe viridis and Pinctada radiata, sponges of Paraleucilla magna and crustaceans of Callinctes sapidus and Farfantepeneus aztecus. During the study, it has been noted that the species breed successfully, thus the expansion of their geographical distribution, is expected as well as the possible impact on the already-existing species", according to a draft of local Environmental Protection Plan of Tivat Municipality from 2017 to 2021

 None of the five new species is a problem for the existing ecosystem. Marine snail Melibe viridis inhabits in the Mediterranean Sea, but first of all, in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Shellfish Pinctada radiate, producing pearls, is typical for the Indo-Pacific region.

 Marina Porto Montenegro is under great pressure and the negative impact of a man on the ecosystem, which is home to about 19 species of phytoplankton, benthic algae.
Also in the marina there are organisms that are adapted to the polluted environment.

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