The winter season will last until the end of March

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 According to information from the National Tourist Organization, the winter season will last until the end of March. On the slopes of Bjelasica and Durmitor there is enough snow for a full winter holidays. Director of NTO Željka Radak Kukavičić promised to advocate the change of the period of school holidays for the extension of the season.
 The January figures are much higher than the last year ones, which is also expected in February.
Winter Activities on the slopes, skiing and sledding are becoming one of the most popular tour packages on the market of Western Europe.

 This winter, traditional tourists from Dubrovnik have returned to Zabljak. Management of the resort also noted the trend of returning of old and new tourists, which is certainly the results of participation in exhibitions throughout Europe and in the region. This month, as the resort was visited by guests from Hungary, England and France. For children, from the coast of the country the ski school on Javorovac has been organized.

 On weekends, SKI center hosts about three or four thousand of tourists from all over the world. This year there is a great interest of tourists from China. Number of guests from Albania is growing, as well as from France, Russia, Germany, England and the region - Croatia and Serbia.
 Guests of the resort are offered excellent ski run, artificial snow (if necessary) and reasonable price. It is safe to say, under the conditions of good weather, the resort can expect a large number of guests until the end of March.

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