Hotels in Montenegro are offering affordable prices this summer

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 According to the director of the National Tourism Organization (NTO) Željka Radak Kukavičić, prices in hotels of Montenegro this summer are going to be more reasonable and will vary depending on the type, location and quality of service.

 In an interview for the Belgrade edition of "Danas" NTO Director added that the cost of 1 night accommodation with breakfast during the season would start from 15 to 30 euros.
Over the past decade revenues from tourism in Montenegro increased by almost four times, as evidenced by the fact that in 2005 the income was 222 million euros, while last year's - EUR 850 million.

 In addition to guests from Russia and Serbia, there is an increased interest among tourists from Western Europe.
A large number of tourists from Britain and France, which have traditionally visited Montenegro before and after the season, is being expected this year. The German market is also added to the list, which has great potential and has been actively promoted to the tourists this season.
 STS expects a significant increase in the number of guests from Poland, considering the fact that Polish national airline has introduced LTO flight Warsaw - Podgorica during the summer season.
 Tourists from Serbia are traditionally continuing to choose Montenegro as a location for holidays. According to official statistics, Montenegro was visited by about 370 thousand tourists from Serbia last year. One of the main reasons for such a large number of guests is good transport links so far.

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