Action Game of pedals (Zaigrana pedala) in four cities of Montenegro

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 On the World Autism Awareness Day, which takes place on 2 April, the action "Playing Pedals" (Zaigrana pedala) will be held during the next week in Montenegro.

 "Zaigrana pedala" is a project of the Association Oblačić from Croatia, which is also supported by the Ognjen Rakočević Foundation, the Triathlon Association of Montenegro, the Ministry of Education, the Parents Association, the Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID I Multisport Academy Mayer.

 The purpose of the action is to raise citizens' awareness of the problems of the autism spectrum and to consult the parents of children with autism.
The action has already been supported by the tourist organization of Kotor, the hotel Franz in Bar, the cafe Gradska kafana in Herceg Novi, Tempo in Podgorica, the CIC Budo Tomović. All organizations will provide their services and accommodation to Maia Bonacic - the leading lecture.

 Maya will come to Montenegro by bicycle from Croatia and within five days will conduct two-hour educational lectures on autism in Herceg Novi, Budva, Bar and Podgorica. In the framework of the Triathlon charity event, the Association of Montenegro and the multi-transport academy Mayer organize a fund-raising for the "Ognjen Rakočević" Foundation.

 Namely, in Podgorica, in several places on Friday, 31 March, at different time there will be a triathlon competition (bike ride, swimming, running), as well as raising funds for the Foundation and consulting parents with psychiatrist about autism.

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