The hotel sphere of Herceg Novi expects a successful upcoming summer season

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 In Herceg Novi, there have not been enough hotels for many years. The last two or three years, several small hotels have been built. At the moment, a large hotel and resorts are being built, the size of the investment, which amounts to several hundred million euros.

 In the near future the hotel in Meljin will open, where the construction of the luxurious complex Lazure & Marina Hotel is underway. In Kumbore there is the construction of Europe's largest tourist resort - Portonovi, and in Bijela in Zager hotel complex... First guests are expected next year.

Hotel Park and Delfin
 Park Hotel and Delfin are run by Carinecompany. The season in hotels began on April 4 and will last until the end of October. The hotels will accept from 10 to 12 thousand guests who will spend 100 thousand nights in the hotel, which is 20-30% more than in 2016. The hotel "Park" will accommodate Germans, Italians, Britons and Israelis, while the Hotel Delfin will be mostly French and Germans. The prices for this season are slightly adjusted because of the repairs that have improved the level of service.
 The hotels mainly work on the all-inclusive basis, and the average cost of the night in the hotel from 1 April to mid-November in the Park Hotel is 55-60 euros, and the hotel
Delfin is lower on 10 euro.

At the Igalo Institute, starting on May 4, the old building begins its work.
 At the institute, Dr. Simo Milošević the new part has about 500 guests, of which 142 from Norway, 130 from Holland, 20 from Sweden, 150 from the health insurance fund of Montenegro and 50 individual guests.
 Opening of the old building of the Institute will be held on 4 May. Most tourists are guests who have received a referral from the Montenegrin Health Fund, the rest are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Republika Srpska.

Hotel Palmon Bay
 Palmon Bay Hotel is currently 50% full. Most of the guests are from Great Britain, Israel and Serbia. In summer the hotel will welcome guests from Russia and Western Europe - from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as individual and group visits.
 The cost of accommodation is from 50 to 150 euros per person per night with breakfast using the spa and beach.

Hunguest hotels
 In the hotel complex Hunguest on the street. Toploj currently hosts about 100 guests from the Netherlands and Serbia, as well as guests from Taiwan and Finland were accommodated and an international meeting was held, in which 70 participants took part.
 The complex is ready to accommodate both individual tourists and groups. The hotel already actively works with tourists from Serbia, Hungary, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, as well as from the Far East - Taiwan, South Korea and China.

Lighthouse Hotel is open all year round
 Lighthouse Hotel in Igalo currently hosts 250 guests from Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, as well as two large groups of guests from Serbia and about 50 local guests. The largest number of guests in the hotel during the tourist season from Russia, as well as from Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro.
 Hotel Lighthouse offers services on the base from night + breakfast to full board, and prices range from 26 to 55 euros per person per night, depending on the season, type of accommodation and services.

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