The cable car "Zip line" over the beach Jaz. To be or not to be?

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 According to the owner of Zip line, Milutin Tripkovich, he has all the necessary documentation from the municipalities, ministries and the Transport and Coastal Administration, on the basis of which he received a loan of 150,000 euros for the construction of a cable car. However, residents remained at the opinion that the facilities were built illegally and should be demolished.

 Mayors of Budva and Kotor Dragan Krapovich and Vladimir Jokich appealed to the Office for Verification with a request to demolish the departure and arrival points for the cable car "Zip line" over the beach Jaz.

 The future cable car must pass over the bathing area, above the houses, over 10 000 tourists every day during the summer.

 The mayors of Kotor and Budva believe that this jeopardizes the basic functions of life support and business on the beach Yaz.
The lawful representative of the residents of these areas, lawyer Dimitrie Dapchevich stated that the investor did not receive the necessary building permit.
"Permission is required for this type of building. The relevant municipal department states that the specified location is not provided for by the Temporary Facilities Plan, and therefore a building permit can not be issued, "said Dapchevich. However, Tripkovich insists that there is an object in the Plan of temporary objects of the coastal zone.

 "I own a cable car on the river Tara, for which I received numerous gratitudes and awards: it is a tourist attraction that is completely safe and does not endanger life or life support facilities. I do not intend to enter into conflict and rely solely on documents and facts "Cableways exist all over the world and are one of the main components of the tourist offer". Until this situation is resolved, the work will be suspended", said Trypkovich.

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