About 400 hotels in Montenegro are waiting for tourists

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The summer tourist season in Montenegro has already begun, and the cities on the coast of the country are ready to receive tourists. In this season, Montenegro expects a record profit from tourism because in Montenegro, several new hotels have been built, the cost of accommodation is not higher than in hotels last year.

Last year, about 1.8 million tourists visited Montenegro, and this year it is expected to be no less. Each year the number of hotels increases, now for guests are available almost 400 hotels with more than 40,000 seats.

The head of the Association of Tourism and Hotel and Commercial Chamber of Montenegro Dragan Purko Ivanchevich commented that the pricing policy remained the same as in previous years. The cost of living in the private sector varies depending on the city and the remoteness of the beach. On average, prices per night from 7 to 15 euros, while the cost of accommodation in apartments from 9 to 43 euros. Prices for food and beverages in cafes and restaurants are the same as last year, coffee costs on average 1-2 euros, juice from 1.5 to 2.5 euros, bottled water from 1-2 euros.

Budva is focused on elite tourism
Budva this year is focused on elite tourism, Kotor and Tivat on cruise ships and yachts, while the tourist organization of Ulcinj prepared a large number of events to attract tourists.
This summer, especially on the coast, tourists will find a rich program of cultural and entertainment events.
In the north of the country, tourists can go on hiking and cycling tours, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and visit national parks, ethno villages with local cuisine and local delicacies.

Opening of new markets
Traditionally, Montenegro is most visited by tourists from Russia and Serbia, as well as Western Europe and Scandinavia. This year, new charters are introduced from Belgium and Holland, which will increase the level of attendance of Montenegro by tourists from Western Europe.

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