A good summer season is expected in Zabljak

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Representatives of the municipality of Zabljak, considering the good attendance of the resort during the Easter and May holidays, expect a good season, during which 11 hotels with a total capacity of 526 places will work.

The mayor of the city, Veselin Vukicevic, told that active preparations were being made for the tourist summer season.
"Interesting tourist packages, quality stimulation and timely preparation certainly affect the upcoming season and the attendance of the city." The municipality of the city held meetings with all institutions and individuals that can improve the quality of services in the upcoming season, "Vukicevic commented.

"The only large hotel - Planinka, will not work this season, because it is preparing for reconstruction, the beginning of which is scheduled for 1 September.
For tourists there are 1.5 thousand places in the private sector, a local camp for 150 seats and 130 places for tents have been prepared. Next month, a new multifunctional vehicle for the wastewater treatment system will appear in the city, as well as 50 urns for selective waste collection.

The cost of all these projects is about four million euros.
The company Adriatic Properties, under the management of the Greek businessman Petros Statis, became the new owner of the hotel "Durmitor" in Zabljak last year.
The company by its presence can decisively influence the tourist future of this place.

According to the contrract of purchase and sale, the firm is obliged to make investments in the amount of ten million euros in the construction of the hotel and other facilities during the next three years. With the advent of Adriatic Properties, the interest of other investors in the construction of modern hotel facilities in the town of Zabljak has also increased significantly.

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