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Dear compatriots! This summer, the interactive scientific "Show of Professor Nicolas" begins its activities in Europe and the first country of residence was Montenegro !!!

 We are happy to offer our services, organizing and holding children's parties, such as a children's birthday, a children's show on tickets, concert programs for children, outdoor shows. And also adult programs - wedding shows, celebrations of anniversaries, interactive programs in restaurants, etc. The show works all over Montenegro with a visit to the customer. The licensed "Professor Nicholas Show" has been collecting, entertaining and giving a great mood to children and adults throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and even the UAE for 5 years. At the heart of the presentation are simple and spectacular experiments from school physics and chemistry, and professional hosts - showmen make them an unforgettable show. The programs are designed for a viewer of 5 years, absolutely safe, all equipment has the necessary quality certificates and licenses .. Celebrating the Birthday with the "Show of Professor Nicolas" is always interactive, exclusive and safe.

 The main rule is that everyone takes part in experiments! And the guys will take with them home a scientific gift, for example, super-slime or hendgam and will continue to experiment at home!

 Scientific show can be ordered anywhere: home, in a cafe, school and even in a kindergarten, because specially for the younger children we have developed the show "For the little ones"!

  Cognitive holidays with chemical experiments and scientific experiments will be remembered for a long time by children and parents !!!

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