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Thanks to the interest of the famous television director in Belgrade, a passionate diver and environmental activist, Dusan Varde, an underwater route, the first of its kind on the east coast south of Lastovo, will soon appear in Montenegro. The trial underwater route will be located in Malevik Bay near Sutomore.

In July and August, the underwater archaeological and biological facility will be open and free for all visitors interested in exploring the underwater world. Underwater routes in protected marine areas around the world over the past decades have become a real hit, as well as a new way of promoting the protection of the marine environment. The tracks are not only for professional divers, but also for those who like snorkeling.

This project of the first underwater archaeological and biological route in Malevik appeared on the basis of a larger project of cooperation between Montenegro and Italy in the field of underwater archeology. The Office for the Protection of Cultural Property was the first to recognize the importance of the project and supported its implementation. Thanks to this support, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism last year defined the project as a "new form of promoting cultural heritage" at the competition "Tourist valorization and popularization of cultural heritage".

The tourist organization of Bar also appreciated the potential of this extraordinary place for tourists. The management of the coastal zone, which, together with the Tourist Organization, supports the project, recognized the possibility of developing a future plan for such underwater routes "that could appear throughout the Montenegrin coast already next year". 

The underwater world of Montenegro has always attracted tourists with its biodiversity and was one of the richest in the Adriatic Sea. Some species of inhabitants of the sea and plants exist only in this part of the Adriatic and therefore this part is particularly interesting to scientists and researchers working in this field.

Unfortunately, to date poaching and a number of other types of "urban" activities have threatened the marine environment for decades and systematically worsen the quality of the Montenegrin coast. Therefore, Montenegro is still the last country in the Mediterranean, which has not allocated any protected natural marine zone in its territorial waters.

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