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These days in Montenegro, the fires are blazing, most of them on the coast and in the municipalities of the Kotor Bay and Podgorica. The biggest battle with the flame is on the Lustica Peninsula, and because of strong winds, fire-fighting aircraft cannot help from the air at any time.

In Montenegro, there are several active fires - in the coastal and central regions, in Trešnjevo and Cetinje,the house burned down.
The situation in Lustica is becoming more dramatic, despite all the efforts made to put out the fire.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs applied for international assistance to fight the fire. Minister of Internal Affairs Mevludin Nakhodjic commented that there was a possibility that air help would be received tonight.

Also forest fires spread to Herzegovina and the coast of Croatia.

The fire situation in the municipalities of Montenegro:
Herceg Novi: Lustica.
Tivat: All fire brigades are in Lustica. In Radovići and Rose there are two military vehicles of Montenegro and five people, the rest of the servicemen are in full readiness.
Kotor: Fire in Bigovo.
Bar: The fire in Golo Brdo is localized. Another place of ignition near Paštrovići was discovered.
Ulcinj: There are no fires.
Budva: There are no fires.
Podgorica: The fire in Omerbozovici. During the day there were several small fires in the territory of the capital, but everything was successfully localized, including a fire on the Ljubović hill.
Cetinje: Fire in Trešnjevo, Velestovо and Lastvа.
Danilovgrad: A fire in the area from Slapa to Kupinovo.
Niksic: Two fires in Glavi Zete and Broćanac Viluski. And in one and the other place the fire moved towards the houses. Firefighters at site and keep a line of fire away from houses.


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