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The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro published general recommendations of behavior for citizens during the heat wave. In the near future, the temperature will rise to 43 degrees.
Today, the air temperature has reached 40 degrees, and on the days off, meteorologists forecast a record figure of 43 degrees.

Recommendations of the Institute of Public Health

Keep fresh in your home;
Room temperature in living areas should be below 32 degrees during the day and below 24 degrees at night;
Fans can help during the heat, but when the temperature in the room is above 35 degrees, they are not effective, and can even do harm, as they only increase the circulation of hot air;
Living quarters should be ventilated at night, and in the afternoon the windows should be closed and the blinds lowered;
Avoid the heat;
Stay in the shade and avoid direct exposure of sunlight;
Do not go out in the hottest period of the day from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm;

If you need to do hard work, choose a cool part of the day, usually in the morning, from 4:00 to 07:00 am;
Avoid heavy physical work during the heat. During work, it is recommended to take small breaks more often to refresh;
Drink enough liquid and cool yourself;
Regularly drink a sufficient amount of liquid, do not wait for thirst, always carry drinking water.
Avoid alcohol, fizzy, sweet and too chilled drinks and use caffeinated drinks with caution;
Take a slightly warm shower several times a day;
Eat more often in small portions, eat light snacks;
Eat more fresh, well-washed fruits and vegetables;
Avoid fatty and spicy food, smoked meat and sweets;
Wear light, loose clothes made of natural materials;
When going out, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses;
Use a wide-range sunscreen;
Long stay on sunlight can cause skin damage, burns, allergies, eye damage, degenerative and malignant skin diseases.

Help others

Keep in touch with elderly or ill people (family members, friends, neighbors, etc.) who live and spend most of their time alone.
Tell about the protection from the heat to your family. Everyone should know how to behave during the heat, depending on the health condition and activities.

If you have health problems

Keep medicines at a temperature below 25 ° C or in a refrigerator (see information on storage of the drug on the package).
Consult a specialist if you have chronic medical conditions or you are taking several medications at a time.

If you or someone don’t feel well

Ask for help if you suddenly feel dizzy, nauseous, restless or strong thirst and headache and sit in a cool place as soon as possible;
Drink water or fruit juice to fill the lack of fluid in the body;
If you feel painful muscle cramps, especially in the legs, hands or stomach, just relax, because they usually arise after physical exertion during hot weather;
If convulsions or other symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical aid.

When should I see a doctor?

If there are symptoms that indicate the possibility of a heat stroke (hot and dry skin, convulsions, fainting, nonsense), immediately call an ambulance (number 124 throughout Montenegro) or urgently take the person to the nearest medical facility on your own.
While waiting for medical care, a person should be in a cooler place, put in a horizontal position with legs lifted. Put a cooling compress on the neck, underarms and groin and spray the skin with cold water.
If a person is unconscious, put they on their side (for better airway patency).

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